AntonioQ.com was created and is maintained by myself, Antonio.

About Me:

I am currently a student studying abroad in my final year to obtain my BSc in Games Development in Ireland and have received my Diploma in Games Development in Canada as well.

My Passion:

Making games and possibly applications.

I have an interest in finding in out how things work and in the world of programming and using Game Engines such as Unity and Unreal, you will never have a moment where you say, “I know everything”. My current goal is to make some additional mini Android games to explore new thing and to increase my knowledge in coding and the Game Engines.

I am currently using Unity to create the Android games since Unity’s game size for an Android game is much smaller than Unreal. A basic Unreal project (nothing done) takes about 150-200MB of Android space vs Unity at about 20MB.

In the future I may make an Android app or more, but as for now games are in the forecast.

Thank you for visiting and have a great day!