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antonio quesnel


AntonioQ is owned and maintained by Antonio Quesnel

Antonio has acquired his diploma in Game Development Technician at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall, Ontario and gaining knowledge in Game Engines, computer languages such as PHP, C#, C++ and Python and more. After acquiring his diploma at St. Lawrence College, Antonio has gone to IT Sligo in Ireland to obtain his Bachelor of Science Degree. He has acquired knowledge in ASP.NET using MVC 5, learning css and bootstrap.

Antonio has a passion to learn new things in the technology sector, including game engines, programming and web development. As well, Antonio is fully bilingual in English and in French, written and spoken. Antonio has also gained knowledge in the VOIP sector, including deploying a cloud based FreePBX

If you require web hosting, web development, VOIP or pc technical assistance feel free to contact AntonioQ today!