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Classified Ads

Seaway Ads is a free classified ads web service that is available to all Canadians and Americans to use to post their own classified ads. There is no credit cards required and you can post an unlimited amount of ads. This can be beneficial to real estate agents, car dealerships and other businesses where they need to publish several listings for free. 

seaway ads classifieds. posting classified ads in Canada and in the USA

VOIP Services

If you are a small business in Alexandria Ontario, Cornwall Ontario or in the surrounding area and need a VOIP service I can help. Below are some of the many functionality that can be added to a VOIP setup

  • Add IVR
  • Add unlimited extensions
  • Forward numbers to landline, cell numbers
  • Low rate outbound calls
  • Business name to display on caller id*
  • Several concurrent incoming and outgoing calls
  • Local and toll-free numbers
  • Call filtering
  • And much more…

If you require a cloud FreePBX setup for additional features this can be arranged as well.

Depending on your requirements, time can vary from a one day installation to several days or weeks.  

Web Development

Are you looking for a simple site for your small business, or a large-scale deployment? Whatever you are looking for AntonioQ can help.

Web Hosting

Are you looking to have a new or an existing site hosted on a fast server? Are you looking for someone in Alexandria, Ontario to administer your hosting account for peace of mind? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then AntonioQ can help!  

PC Repair

Is your computer’s performance slowing down? Concern you may have viruses on your computer or that may be hacked? If so AntonioQ can help resolve these issues. Get someone in your area to help you solve your computer issues fast and at a great rate.