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Web Development

Creating a website is an investment that more small businesses are starting to realize that is critical for existing and new clients to be able to find their business.

There a few things to consider before choosing a website developer

Cheaper is not always better

Like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. It happens to all of us, we want to get the lowest cost possible for the product and website design is in that list. Yet think about this, would you get the cheapest labourer to fix your home? Chances are probably not. You want to be certain that what has been fixed will last for years. The same goes for your website. It does not mean that the highest price is always the best, yet the lowest in not either.

No overselling

Concern of being oversold? Don’t be. My goal is to get you what your business requires. Building trust and satisfaction is my priority. Get the answers and advice you need for your website requirements, without the sale pitch.     

Web Developer that is near you.

If your website goes down, has issues, or needs an upgrade, do you want someone local that you can call or even have meetings with, or someone far away? Sometimes things go bad and being able to reach out to someone nearby can give you peace of mind and trust so you can focus on your business!

AntonioQ is located in Alexandria, Ontario and maintained by myself, Antonio. With a Bachelor of Science Degree, a passion to adapt to new technologies and fully bilingual in English and French, let me help you get your website up and running. 

Services provided

  • Translation service (French and English)
  • WordPress setup implementation
  • Full site creation
  • Partial site creation
  • WordPress plugin integration
  • WordPress plugin development
  • Optimize site for mobile and desktop users
  • Analytics implementation
  • Web Hosting (MORE INFO)
  • Domain name registration
  • And much more…